The real history of Stonor is a history of characters. For over 850 years the family have left their mark in both private and public life. The faces looking out from the portraits around the house tell stories of service to the country, family life and great curiosity of the expanding world.

The lush parkland of Stonor is set in a dramatic, sweeping valley deep within the heart of the Chiltern Hills. Visitors are invited to explore the three gardens – from the ponds and fountains of the 17th Century Italianate Pleasure Garden to the old Kitchen Garden designed and nurtured by Lady Camoys and the eclectically treed Arboretum. It’s a truly mesmerizing setting.

Stonor is also home to one of the most ancient deer herds in Britain. Always nearby though often elusive, the graceful fallow deer have grazed the park since medieval times when the fragrant, thyme-flavoured Stonor Venison was much prized at court.

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